Andy Warhol's Fifteen Minutes (1986-1987)

Andy Warhol hosted the television show "Fifteen Minutes" on MTV from 1986-1987, making only five episodes. Four of the five episodes are available below, the videos and text are sourced from The Jailbreak and the videos were originally discovered via Zamboni Soundtracks.

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EPISODE 1 (1986): Robin Leach, Jerry Hall, John Oates, Dweezel and Moon Zappa, Tama Jamowitz, Paulina Porizkova, Sally Kirkland, Tracy Johns, Katherine Hamnett including fashion show with models Maria Kay, Anna Jonsson and Eric Perron, The Parachute Club, and The Pyramid Club with Happy Face, Lady Bunny, Dean Johnson, John Kelley as Dagmar Onasis and Lypsinka.

EPISODE 2 (ca. January 1987): Grace Jones, Kenny Scharf, Marc Jacobs including fashion show with models Charlotte Dawson, Pam Piper and Cynthia De Maria, Peter Beard, Kevin Dillon, John C. McGinley, Francesco Quinn, William Burroughs, Chris Stein, Angel Estrada including fashion show with models Lori Milligan and Rochelle Redfield, Elizabeth Peña, Gregory Abbott, Judd Nelson, Das Furlines, Isabel Toledo, Ruben Toledo, Suzie Zabrowska (fashion model for Isabel Toledo), Dovanna Pagowska (fashion model for Isabel Toledo), and Angelo Colon.

EPISODE 3 (ca. February 1987): Victor Love, Bobbi Humphrey, Wall to Wall (singing Tuff Luck), Ian McKellen, Bo Diddley, Moto-Fashion by Michael Schmidt and Anita Martire Schmidt models: Grace Nemergut, Raphael and Thomas H. Street, Martire models: Ralph Scibelli and Barb Carboy, Motorcycles: Pilar Limosner, Sally Randall, Hugh Mackie, Dimitri Turin and Willard, The Fleshtones, Saqqara Dogs with Ruby Ray and Bond Bergland, The Tunnel nightclub with Rudolf (club director), Thomas Leeser (co-owner) and Carla Steiner (bartender & singer), Regina Beukes (violinist), Miriam Bendahan including fashion show with models Jennifer Hamden and Gabriela G., Suzanne Lanza, Robert Longo with clip from the New Order Bizarre Love Triangle music video directed by Longo, The Mudd Club (footage from 1979), Brook Larsen of B. Larsen Frames, Inc. (The company that took over the Mudd Club premises).

Scene from the Josep Papp presents The Opera at the Academy production of The Magic Flute with Jeffrey W. Reynolds (Tamino), Susan Hanson (Pamina) and Eric Fraad (Director) and interviews with: Heather Watts (principal dancer), Michael Torke and Jack Soto (principal dancer)

EPISODE 4 (1987): Debbie Harry, Nick Rhodes, Bryan Adams, Ric Ocasek and Andy Warhol visit the new Factory premises at the old Con Edison building, Phoebe Cates, Diane Brill, Susan Hess, Charlie Clough (artist), Stephen Sprouse with models Ariane, Michael McGale, Salvatore Xverb, Katherine Hammond, Suzanne, Nick Camen, Parish Fashions.

Amatuer Night at the Apollo featuring: Emanon Johnson (The Baby Beat Box), Ralph Cooper Sr. (host), Howard B. Sims, Sr. (Sandman), Phyllis Yvonne Stickley (comic), Audra Cassell (dancer), Herman Johnson (lead guitarist), Betty Du Chantier (singer), Ralph Cooper II, Latasha Spencer (The Gospel Princess).