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Be "Cast Iron" and Receive a Brody Condon

By Rhizome

Does your living room, dining room, waiting room, smoking lounge, meditation hut, cave, central command center or dungeon need sprucing up? Behold Brody Condon's Celebrant at the Hermannsdenkmal (with Girlfriend) (2010):


The work is hand screenprinted on digital-c print and is 30 x 24 inches large. If you give at the cast iron level to Rhizome's Community Campaign - that's $4000 - you can have this magnificent beauty for your very own.

or, simply...

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Mark Plattner Dec. 28 2010 13:32Reply

You're fucking kidding me right? I understand and accept sampling, collage and repurposing art to make something new and wonderful from something old, but I think the line is drawn when you look at the piece and say, "That's Frank Frazetta's John Carter of Mars with some distracting ugly boxes in front of it." This isn't a case of making something new and wonderful as much as puking on the work of a master, calling it art and signing your name to it. It's the "Ice Ice Baby" of visual art.

john hudak Dec. 28 2010 14:17Reply

i will put a large thumb in front of the whole thing and leave a little color around the edges, and only ask $3000; but i will ask $8000 for the rights to the concept.