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Norman McLaren: Synchromie. Musique Optique at WRO Art Center on Vernissage TV

Last month, I posted Norman McLaren's 1971 work Synchromy to Rhizome. Vernissage TV visited the WRO Art Center in Wrocław, Poland, where the exhibition surveying his career "Norman McLaren: Synchromie. Musique Optique" is currently on display. In this clip, curator Piotr Krajewski discusses McLaren's technique and relationship to sound.

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Dick Whyte Aug. 4 2010 03:08Reply

I have a funny relationship to Mclaren's work, but this has to be one of my favorite abstract films of all time. The relationship between sound and image is just perfect.

usaugg-shops Aug. 4 2010 05:54Reply

thanks for sharing..