Seven on Seven April 17th

Join us for our upcoming event Seven on Seven on April 17. Seven on Seven will pair seven artists with seven technologists in teams of two, and challenge them to develop something new -- be it an application, social media, artwork, product, or whatever they imagine. The seven teams will unveil their ideas at a one-day event at the New Museum.

Seven on Seven participants: (Top to Bottom, Left to Right) Marc Andre Robinson, Ryan Trecartin, Matt Mullenweg, Tauba Auerbach, Monica Narula, Kristin Lucas, Aaron Koblin, Hilary Mason, David Karp, Evan Roth, Ayah Bdeir, Joshua Schachter, Andrew Kortina, Jeff Hammerbacher

Seven on Seven details, itinerary and tickets at:

Note: Proceeds from Seven on Seven will support ongoing and upcoming initiatives, including our commissions, editorial and the upcoming re-launch of our archive.