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Inappropriate Soundtracks

Inappropriate Soundtracks are videos consisting of well known movie scenes that have been edited to (in most cases) juxtapose the tone of the original scene. The scene is played out as normal, the only editing done to the clip is that a new song is inserted over the original to create lulz...According to the majority of the youtube videos they are inspired from the Something Awful forums...While being somewhat popular on the SA Forums it failed to become widespread across the internet. Only with the uploading of these videos to youtube and other online streaming sites (where it is extremely accessible) was it then able to spread and become a popular meme. There are also several blogs posting about the meme within the last year or so. Examples include: Living Read Girl , Filmsight , Kottke and The Inquisitr .There are no Google insights available as there are not enough searches yet. When typing Inappropriate Soundtracks into the search field it comes up with over 100,000 results. Interestingly, searching for Inappropriate Soundtracks Braveheart yields nearly 5 times more results.