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For those without a Rhizome Membership, now is the time to sign up and support an organization that has, since 1996, facilitated the growth of a new art form: internet and new media art. Basic membership is just $25; higher levels ($50 and up) receive a limited edition gift. If you give now, you will help us achieve our annual Community Campaign goal to raise $35,000 - an amount that will keep our singular mission and programs strong in an incredibly tough year. Membership comes with great benefits, including:

• The ability to survey and vote on applications submitted through our Commissions Program, which provides grants to artists to create new work.

• Access to the entirety of our online archive of art, the ArtBase.

• Resources, like international listings of residencies, opportunities, and syllabi that we compile just for members.

And more! Check out our membership page for full details.

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