Rhizome 50,000 Webpage Roll Call

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Rhizome over the last seven weeks by purchasing pixels on The Rhizome 50,000 Dollar Webpage. We missed a few people in our first post so here's an updated version. Thank you so much to all the contributors. There's one week left to participate so we urge you: get involved now, make your mark, buy pixels today!

Roll call of contributors below:

Another Unknown Time, The Disagreeing Internet, Chris Coy, Ideas for Creative Exploration, Up it up!, Dennis Knopf, Michael Bell-Smith, Marc Kremers, MTAA, Hans Verhaegan, Miro, Paperheart, Mark Tribe, paintings that move, Kendra Gaeta, Glowlab, Pluralmedium, Mariah Fee, webjam, Tumbarumba, Andrew Venell, 39 Forks, The Groundswell Collective, Sal Randolph, Fat Little Bird, Little Sis, Christopher Pappas, blackaeonium: Lisa Cianci Ted Davis, Pitchaya Sudbanthad, Rob Cornell, Quite MIce, Petrafael, Peter Horvath Harm Van Den Dorpel, Club Internet, Charles Broskoski, Participatory Politics Foundation, Nasty Nets, Michael Mandiberg, MasterList2000 - A. Bill Miller, Cory Arcangel, Light Industry, Eric Dymond, Flictions xurban_collective, One Million Points of Light, Patrick May, Melissa Roberts, BECA Gallery, Lori Hepner, Mr. Matt Spangler, Sally Mckay and Lorna Mills, Ola Vasiljeva, Britta Gustafson, Wonderful Life, XPACE, Matthew Williamson, Magical Elves, Snoozebot, Migrating Forms, Kat Savage, Visual Living, Elise Roedenbeck, Kurt Schlough, Hair Shirt, Luke Palascak, Bob O'Connor, Source of Yellow, out_4_pizza, Ash Sechler, ArtCat, Ben Needham, Alex Mooney, dorkbot, Jacob Pongratz, Nathaniel Stern, janedapain, Constant Dullaart, Toporek, Wooden Iron, Blown Up Explosion, blownupblowup.com, Rodan Tekle, Collin LaFleche, Parker Koo Ito, Steven Read, Lee Gainer, TANLINES, Jon Rafman, Ben Coonley Brooklyn Acadey of Music, Enrich Medium, Charles Westerman fnnnf, Scenes of Provincial Life, Greg Leuch, Sentimental Value, Archives & Museum Informatics, A Million Keys, Net Art Sucks, Jason Metcalf V-TV Art Verbal Television, Bo Lee, Patrick Lichty, Foxy Production, Unicorns, And/Or, 6312414236, Pixel - Lapse, Sheree Rensel, Unseen Worlds Records, Spirit Surfers, Pash* JD Walsh, Jasper Elings, BFFA3AE, Timothy Gaewsky, Least Wanted, Krista Hoefle, Cynthia Lawson, Two Coats of Paint, Audio Dregs, Brooklyn Artists Label, David Rager, The Path, David Pierce, Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Video Data Bank, Artie Vierkant, Pixel Quilt, FFD8, Fred Benenson, opsound, iconomaniacs, VVORK, Timothy Buckwalter: paintings + drawings, Scott Blake, Creative Path, M. Leaf-Tierney, Creative Commons, TJ Norris, Brian Ries, Jesse Suchmann - (*_*), Ron Rosenzweig, Julie Ahn, Send me Something, Caitlin Jones - Yo Gabba! UK, iplug.in, Mike Linksvayer, Eric Dever, Tom Bogaert, Postmasters, RSG, El Celso, C-MONSTER, Rosa Lowinger, Yvonne Connasse, Art Fag City, Gay Swan, SanSuzie, Ron Hutt, Emily Grenader, Matthew Ballou, Psychotropic Horizons RAM :: Open Shakespeare Alliance, KERNEL, The Instructional Capital, thatisaworkaround.com, top_down/bottom_up, Derek Buckner, The Center for Collective Wealth, Ed Osborn, Nick Lally, NEWSgrist, Daniel Jacoby, Eric Doeringer, OTO Tonstartssbandht, Jeremy Levine, Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof, theodoros dd giannakis, An Artist in Brooklyn, Mindhue Artwork, Cottelston Advisors Cheong Kwon : daté.es, Andrew Milmoe, Matthew Green, Joy Drury Cox, Valentino's Muse, Design is Casual, Yann Vanderme, Lisa Roumell Ms. & Mr., beam me up, SPHERELAB, Julia Weist, culturehall, Jan Kather, AD Pawley, chashama, Danny Coeyman, Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, Daniel Turner, Kate Fauvell, Daniel Turner, horen.net - consultant e-business, art numerique, Jerome Saint-Clair, Robert Roth - Health Proxy, Chris Kaczmarek, Paradoxy Products, New Zoid Times, Arts Machine, Michael Manning, Jody Zellen, Tickets for Profits, Creative Travel, Po-Po-Mo Ho, Bill Evertson, ONE art guide, Over MY Dead Body You Will, David Harper for Creative Capital AIDS-3d, Teneia Wooten, We are the Strange, Digital Art Museum, Rachel Zoe, The $100k Homepage Grover Watts Photo Appreciation Society, The Eclipse Gallery, Million Flower Garden, Light & Wire Gallery, Dewil, Brooklyndiy