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The Rhizome 50,000 Dollar Webpage

64,000 Down! 936,000 To Go!

It's been almost a full week since the launch of The Rhizome 50,000 Dollar Webpage and things are off to a great start! We have had a dynamic group participate so far including individual artists, non-profits, TV production companies, grassroots organizations, universities, and a plethora of blogs. The project has also gotten great press including mentions in two notorious three-letter publications AFC and WSJ. We've enjoyed watching the newly purchased pixels appear everyday and we are very excited to see what people come up with next! Check back here each week to see our highlights of the past week's activity. You have until May 28th (the night of our annual Benefit event) to get on the page so if you are interested in purchasing pixels, want to learn more about the project, or just want to watch the webpage evolve please visit...

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chri wilson April 2 2009 08:10Reply

congratulations nice to see thing moving in the right direction. Look forward to the many wonderful delights you have in store.


Gellert Varga April 2 2009 15:50Reply

Guys, this is very interesting. I am really thinking about purchasing a few pixels on your 50k page.
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Peter April 2 2009 17:01Reply

What a brilliant idea! Just goes to show what can be achieved online if you think outside the box a little…

Peter from
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Rueben April 2 2009 17:29Reply

This is a cool idea!

I am going to buy a block.


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Stigley April 2 2009 18:39Reply

Great idea - will be keeping an eye on this

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Den April 3 2009 16:38Reply

I met guy who made milliondollarwiki website. He spent 30.000 dollars for advertising and sold this site to a new owner.
This page needs more visitors and some social promotion.

Best regards,

Justin Glover April 4 2009 02:28Reply

I love this concept. best of luck to all involved!

Warmest Regards,
Justin Glover
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Smith April 4 2009 10:24Reply

Interesting to see the $50,000 webpage idea become the reality.

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Tanya April 8 2009 11:09Reply

Well, the idea is not so fresh, but any way good luck
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