Rose Art Museum Controversy Link Roundup

The College Art Association publicly denounced Brandeis University's decision to close the Rose Art Museum last night, in a letter broadcast to the Art&Education mailing list. The email is only one instance of the enormous surge of protest to come out against Brandeis since they made the announcement on Monday. See below for a mammoth link roundup.

Get Involved:

Save the Rose Art Museum Facebook Group

Online Petition to Save the Rose Art Museum

Interviews with the Rose Art Museum's Director Michael Rush:

Q&A with Rose Art Museum director Michael Rush [January 28, 2009/ Modern Art Notes]

A Talk With: Michael Rush [January 28, 2009/ Looking Around -]

Interview with Brandeis University's President Jehuda Reinharz:

Brandeis President Defends Art Museum Sale [January 28, 2009/ All Things Considered, NPR]

The Boston Globe has been closely following the situation:

Brandeis to sell school's art collection (Geoff Edgers) [January 26, 2009]

Ailing Brandeis will shut museum, sell treasured art (Geoff Edgers) [January 27, 2009]

Museum backers seek halt to selloff (Geoff Edgers) [January 28, 2009]

Hawk this gem? Unconscionable (Sebastian Smee) [January 28, 2009]

Brandeis may keep art, says president, Reaffirms need to close museum (Geoff Edgers) [January 29, 2009]

Students rally for Brandeis museum (Lisa Kocian) [January 30, 2009]


Shuttering the Rose Art Museum: An open letter to Brandeis from an alum. [January 27, 2009/]


Outcry Over a Plan to Sell Museum's Holdings [January 27, 2009/ New York Times]

Update: Brandeis to close Rose, sell art [January 27, 2009/ The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research]

Brandeis to Sell All of Its Art [January 27, 2009/ Inside Higher Education]

"A junkie pawning his wedding ring" [January 28, 2009/Ed Winkleman]

Outcry Over Plan to Sell Rose Art Museum's Holdings [January 28, 2009/ NEWSgrist]

COMESEEART: A Student Protest Against Shuttering The Rose Art Museum [January 30, 2009/ Art Fag City]