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average photographs study (2008) - kitschpatrol

Every day, flickr deems 500 photographs from its database "interesting." Each frame of this video represents the average of one day's 500 interesting photographs. In series, the video frames document each day's average interestingness between July 1, 2004 and July 1, 2007. This video is a study for a larger-scale, interactive representation of similar data.


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Travis Hallenbeck Jan. 29 2009 05:33Reply

sky - face - land

Pascal Marchev Jan. 30 2009 06:25Reply

i like this concept! and it results in an quite interesting aesthetic.

Pascal Marchev

Good idea. I wonder if this is close to how our brain perceives impressions before we start trying to make sense of them.

Pall Thayer Jan. 30 2009 10:57Reply

Ah.. like Alfred North Whitehead's "precepts".