Jonathan Harris Kicks Off Mysterious New Project

Jonathan Harris, the interactive designer/artist behind We Feel Fine and Universe, kicks off a new project today, according to CR Blog. The project is, as yet, untitled but will follow Harris as he travels solo from southern Africa to eastern China, using only local transportation. He plans to go through 27 countries over the course of this yearlong trip, and will collect stories "in a very specific way." Beyond that, details are vague. Much of his work is a research into modern storytelling through digital mediums, with special attention toward the representation of human emotion through these avenues. The article on CR Blog emphasizes Harris's dismissal of the existence of "masterpieces" in digital and online artwork, while also suggesting that, in attempting to create artworks which are both moving and epically evocative of a larger, ever-shifting zeitgeist, Harris is seeking to achieve something of the like in his own practice.