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Interview with Perry Bard from tagr.tv (Screengrab)

Interview with Petko Dourmana from tagr.tv (Screengrab)

The online platform for media art festival documentation (yes, one exists!) tagr.tv took a rather unconventional tack in their coverage of Berlin's transmediale last week. The team shot a number of interviews using their own "mobile interview environment." The device, an umbrella outfitted with a camera and microphone, served as a nearly private location for one-on-one discussions with artists involved with the festival. The short clips are interspersed with more traditional installation shots, providing a unique "overview" (get it?) of select projects showcased during transmediale. (On a related note, be sure to check out transmediale's comprehensive streaming video archive from the 2009 session as well.)

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Chris Barr Feb. 2 2009 19:32Reply

Reminds me of a project I did a couple of years ago:


It is interesting how it creates an intimate space within a much larger space.

eeboo Feb. 3 2009 10:54Reply

There are lots of new videos online at http://tagr.tv now, and more to come, like a walk through the Transmediale exhibition with curator Stephen Kovats.

Hope you enjoy the videos, it was great fun and an amazing team!

I still have to dig through the streaming archive to really build my opinion on this years transmediale "DEEP NORTH", great works but the whole thing didn't really come to the point(s) I'm afraid.. the award for the tanatalum (and asylum seeking people!) memorial was a complex, but great choice imo, esp in connection with the umbrella topic of climate change.