Millie Niss (1973 - 2009)

Millie Niss, net artist and editor of Sporkworld, passed away; her work and life is being remembered by artists and colleagues here. Excerpt from Marc Garrett's contribution below.

Millie's work for me, has always reached beyond the surface of things. Somehow in her work, she has managed to communicate an essence of her character and her varied intentions very successfully. There is a unique sense of humour in much of her work, even when dealing with dark themes. A surreal edge, is informed by her view on humanity and all of its, seemingly perpetual absurdities. Mixed with a playful and open spirit, and a twist of simplicity. Millie's work may have fooled those lost and caught up in the consumer'ish, lust for one liner prose or sudo-designer art. Her work was more for those who were not bound by such distracting trends, it was and still is open for all. Often beguiling one with a presence of childishness, then as you live with it longer and feel its grace and power as it touches inside, a contextual knowing unfolds - levelling it all out with a wisdom that dares not to fall for show or spectacle to justify its true, authentic voice.