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YouThreebe (2007) - Jeff Crouse




YouThreebe is a tool that allows users to make triptychs out of YouTube videos.

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Bill April 6 2009 13:45Reply

Actually I likedthe use of modern psychedelic animation to display older pictures. It allowed me to focus better on the actual images then the animation. Brilliant contrast!

Better Angels Now April 6 2009 13:51Reply

That is a very interesting service. I noticed on some though youtube does not allow embedding.

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bapenerd April 6 2009 14:12Reply

great tool, thanks for the post, will be working with this.


Scott Boyd April 6 2009 15:55Reply

Thanks for showing me this tool. It looks like fun. I'll have to find a way to use it on my website.
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Brian Droitcour April 7 2009 01:49Reply

Scott, please do. I would love to see that.

Jenni April 17 2009 19:14Reply

Thats fantasticm it could be used in a number of ways! in fact the video is just showed me was awesome mixup of 3!! check out the Free Wii ones