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Online Dating (2009) - Math Wrath

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Lindsy April 3 2009 14:40Reply

LOL, that was cute. Kind of true , but still funny!

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Arra April 9 2009 09:09Reply

I agree on that, too funny!

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Klublok April 3 2009 16:33Reply


This is SOOO like my last internet date it is SCARY!!!

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Gambler5757 April 5 2009 10:27Reply

I have had the same experience with dating online…I have given up on it.

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Travis Hallenbeck April 7 2009 15:35Reply

If you're a real gambler, Gambler5757, you should give it another shot!

Travis Hallenbeck April 7 2009 15:36Reply

This spam is balling.

Web-Kande April 4 2009 03:11Reply

Interesting concept. Can't see the population growing at a very fast pace though. I've had real dates that were just as interesting!

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Picha April 4 2009 04:35Reply

this is really cute and funny

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Aaron Tan April 4 2009 04:57Reply

Funny and cool video you share here ! LOL…..

I like it definitely!

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Damien Bureau April 4 2009 11:03Reply

This sure makes speed dating look like heaven!
I'm wondering where they found those you tube videos in the first place.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to have nightmares about this! Lost in eternity type of stuff probably…
This reminds me I witnessed whole families in this type of situation in restaurants!


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Adam April 4 2009 12:40Reply

Great video… and funny perspective on online dating. Now I need to learn how they did that…not the online dating part, but the embedding the YouTube videos the way the did.

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maley east April 4 2009 14:08Reply

Great Video . its a youtube date . I think now google can start some thing like thes datetube

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james heat April 4 2009 15:57Reply

Quality video!

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gavin.network April 5 2009 04:02Reply

Good video indeed.
Enjoyed it.

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Ren April 5 2009 07:28Reply

Wow, did anyone actually watch that through to the end? I got bored half way and it looked like the girl was in a nose rub loop lol..

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Jim April 5 2009 09:25Reply

This is too funny. Thanks for sharing.

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Jimmy April 5 2009 10:29Reply


I cant stop laughing from this thx for the great article
Good video indeed.
Enjoyed it.



Felix April 5 2009 14:09Reply

The girl's video doesn't work:(


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Fei Liu April 5 2009 14:39Reply

I love Math Wrath's work. I had been looking for him for such a long time on this vast internet desert plain after I had seen him on this site so long ago….

Sam April 5 2009 14:46Reply

These graphics remind me of the 8th grade haha brings back memories! Interesting piece of work!

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Mike April 5 2009 15:10Reply

Very funny thanks
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sidder54 April 5 2009 15:55Reply

That was funny…….not much being said!

Bill April 5 2009 21:28Reply

That's actually pretty cool!

David April 5 2009 21:51Reply

lolol this was great……loved it

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Svetlana12 April 5 2009 21:55Reply

I found this a good story as I have had quite a bit of experience in online dating…it is an interesting world that is for sure. I enjoyed it but I prefer to meet men the old fashioned way

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OnlineLoanFinder April 6 2009 00:25Reply

very helpful to those who engage in online dating! :)


Frankyne April 6 2009 01:03Reply

Awesome illustration. News for dating sites.

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bebon April 6 2009 01:08Reply

The picture really showing what will happen to dating sites and its income LOL

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Tim April 6 2009 02:00Reply

I loved it! I had a hard time when she started rubbing her nose, made me want to rub mine as well. I suppose it is coming to that sooner or later, hopefully a little later.

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Gold Party April 6 2009 03:48Reply

Well I must say as sad as it is I've had offline dates with less interaction…..lol.

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Anabelle April 6 2009 07:45Reply

Oh my gosh! I've been on a few dates like the in the past… loooong uncomfortable silences! (giggle!)

I thought the video was a little long though…

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borahginn April 6 2009 10:22Reply

Glenn Aitelli April 6 2009 12:12Reply

Thats funny. I think I've dated her!

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bunkbedgirl81 April 6 2009 15:31Reply

Funny video, didnt see that coming..

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Greg Gannon April 6 2009 19:53Reply

That was too funny… and way to much like the reality of my last date.


Scott April 7 2009 12:29Reply

Interesting look at online dating. Long silences and fidgeting, funny!

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horse riding saddles April 7 2009 21:04Reply

That was ridiculous. I cant believe I sat through that. And no payoff at the end!

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Chuck April 8 2009 05:20Reply

Great story man; I have a friend who is getting started with online dating so this story really hit home.
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Liliana April 8 2009 05:32Reply

Awesome Post about online dating. Makes one wonder if they should get involved.

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Bigge Nyberg April 8 2009 14:20Reply

That is way cool.
I can see doing this with my cats pouncing on a pitbull :)

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ed halter April 8 2009 17:16Reply

I'm beginning to think all this post-spamming is something by Jodi.

Biku April 10 2009 13:13Reply

HAHA its sad how true in real life that is.
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Mike April 10 2009 16:52Reply

This has got to be the funniest thing I've seen in a while
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terri April 10 2009 17:11Reply

That is too funny and sometimes true lol. Actually though I have had really bad experiences with online dating and a couple of really good experiences. I made 3 friends that helped me get through tough times, these 3 individuals and I decided after going on a few dates that we were better suited as friends. I met my husband through an online dating site, we really clicked and things were great from that day forward. Don't loose hope people!

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Martha April 11 2009 06:13Reply

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Martha April 11 2009 06:15Reply

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ann April 11 2009 08:30Reply

Thats funny.
like it…

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SFranklin April 11 2009 12:36Reply

I like the truth behind it, most online and offline dates are just like this :)
Except I never order a salad! Give a girl a steak!


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This is great!!