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Untitled HTML Paintings (2003) - Enrico Glerean

The painting in the age of the internet? The idea for E.G. is simple: the machine is the new painter and its languages are the new painting techniques. The brush stroke is now replaced by a portion of HTML code, the painter is your own computer, each painting is generated each time and everytime is brand new. References to the past abstract masterpieces are evident, but today a work of art like a Rothko's painting is reduced to a mathematical formula that give instruction to the machine to create the final painting.

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Ben Bruneau April 3 2009 12:36Reply

just wait until the next firefox is out and there will bee css rotate and skew commands.

Matthew Carey April 8 2009 22:50Reply

That is so cool. I just spent way to much time watching them to see what they would make. They are totally cool.

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dental_planner April 9 2009 19:47Reply

Great didn't know it could be artsy, it looks like a city after most of the lights have gone out

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Dragan April 14 2009 15:05Reply


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jennyson April 15 2009 07:17Reply