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  • Soundwalk 2008- This year's Soundwalk takes place tomorrow from 5-10pm in the East Village Arts District in Downtown Long Beach. Indoor and outdoor sound installations by more than 60 artists will be stationed in multiple locations. Performances are scheduled throughout the day.

  • Crackle-canvas- Project by Tom Verbruggen on Network Research. "The work is essentially a series of built / circuitbent devices which when patched or networked together produce sounds that can be manipulated in live performance."

  • Audience by Random International and Chris O'Shea at the Royal Opera House- "In their latest installation, 'Audience', they [Random International] have teamed up with interaction designer, Chris O'Shea, to design the basic characteristics of human behavior into the individual elements of the installation, aiming to redefine the relationship between viewer and technology...Showing a group of amicable objects, 'Audience' at the ROH is displayed as a series of autonomously behaving, 'head-like' mirrors, that react organically and collectively to members of the public as they move through them."