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  • Conflux 2008: Podcasts- Conflux, which kicks off this week, recently launched a website featuring interviews with the festival's curators and collaborators.

  • The Adaptive City- Dan Hill from cityofsound posted an excellent essay, titled "The Adaptive City," which will appear in the exhibition catalog for "Urban Play":
    "Urban information design emerges in a call-and-response relationship with informatics, filtering and describing these patterns for the benefit of citizens and machines...The invisible becomes visible, as the impact of people on their urban environment can be understood in real-time...The new technologies of urban informatics and city information modelling enable citizens to reflect on their city, engage in the design, adapt their behaviour and the city around them." Those interested in this subject are encouraged to check out videos of the New Silent Series panel Nextcity: Art of the Possible on Rhizome's Vimeo.

  • USA USB - American Flag USB Memorial- Artist Evan Roth creates a humorous and highly innovative American flag memorial in his USA USB- American Flag USB Memorial.

  • "Wikireuse" by Julia Christensen- The Turbulence commission "Wikireuse" by Julia Christensen is now live and seeking contributions! We covered Christensen's Big Box Reuse project in Rhizome News last week.