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  • Amar Kanwar-- The Torn First Pages (Part I)- Artist Amar Kanwar discusses one of two video installations at the Stedelijk Museum. The Torn First Pages, which is now on view at the Amsterdam location, was inspired by an act of defiance by a Burmese shopkeeper, who tore the military's statements off the covers of books he sold. In the interview, Kanwar talks about the troubling political situation in Burma and his support for the country's democratic movement, which has been brutally suppressed.

  • César Chávez Video in Times Square MTV Screen- A five minute video from "Port Huron Project 4: We Are Also Responsible" will be displayed on MTV's screen in Times Square. The video is a reenactment of a 1971 Cesar Chavez speech given in Exposition Park, Los Angeles, CA. This project is part of Creative Time's 44 1/2 series.

  • Andrew Jeffrey Wright "Art for Corporations" at the Luggage Store in San Francisco- An exhibition by Philadelphia-based artist Andrew Jeffrey Wright opens this week at the Luggage Store in San Francisco. "Several works in the exhibition will be created specifically for the ever growing art collecting entity known as the corporation. The exhibition will also feature collaborations with Barry McGee, Clare E. Rojas, Isaac Lin and Crystal Kovacs."

  • Pierre Obando, "Noise", Heskin Contemporary- "Noise, is a series of paintings and works on paper by Pierre Obando that exploits the idea of unwanted aural/visual information, like "snow" at the end of a pre-cable television transmission. This exhibition presents examples of visual noise, information too excessive to be sifted through or too separate to carry meaning."