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  • Tauba Auerbach in Artreview's Project Space - "Bay Area artist Tauba Auerbach uses her graphical skills in a conceptual pursuit of hidden confluences -- and glitches -- in our system of signs and symbols. For the Project Space, she looks into the porous border between the analogue and digital realms. "Recently I have been collecting various instances of randomness," Auerbach says. "Both applause and static are phenomena that can go either in the totally uniform white noise direction or phase in and out of patterns and sync up into something placeable.."
    The work is accompanied by an interview with the artist, which you can read here.

  • internet, mon amour- Discussion and critique of a bill currently under review by the French Parliament entitled "Création et Internet" (Creation And the Internet) from abstractmachine. "The important thing to understand here is that the Internet is being construed, and will therefore be legislated as, nothing but a new form of artistic distribution, irrespective of its capacities as a new locus for artistic creation." This week, new media artists in France launched a petition against the bill.

  • Katy Siegel on a Globalizing Art World- Lecture this evening at 6:30pm by critic Katy Siegel at SVA in New York City. "Cultural producers, Groys goes on to suggest, are equally subject to the globalization of cultural flows, often compelled towards frequent international travel in pursuit of the facilitating institutional and economic support networks that make ambitious cultural work possible...critic Katy Siegel kicks off the Fall lecture series with a talk on a slightly narrower purview of the patterns Groys describes: the globalization of the playing fields of contemporary art, and its effect on emerging and would-be art producers."

  • Jeremy Bailey Interview on the Netbehaviour email list- Marc Garett/Furtherfield and subscribers to the Netbehaviour mailing list will engage in a open discussion with artist Jeremy Bailey. To view or participate, subscribe to