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  • Starfield Simulation #33 -- Audio Response Mirror- Site specific sound installation by e+l (Ken Ehrlich/Brandon LaBelle) in the "sound bowl" at Scania Park in Malmo, Sweden. From the artist's statement: "Focusing on the existing electronic system in place, we approached the Scaniaparken location as a site structurally determined by the amplification of music and sound. The existing electronic sound system was used as the sole source for the production of the sound work through a series of feedback investigations."

  • Underground art galleries serve a special niche- Article from the San Francisco Chronicle covering San Francisco's many "guerilla" art galleries.

  • K.I.S.S. at Club Internet- Paddy from Art Fag City reviews the current Club Internet exhibition K.I.S.S.:
    "K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid), Club Internet's current collection of web art put together by constant dullaart, presents a focused curatorial theme of artists working with design simplicity, many of whom bring the user static websites, and various utilities commonly found on the web that don't work the way they are supposed to. The success of the work varies from piece to piece, though for the most part it's strong."

  • Aspects of Transmateriality: Specificity- Entry from (the teeming void): "Transmateriality is a notion I'm working on that treats the digital as always and everywhere material - embodied from "end to end" - while maintaining a sense of how the digital functions as if it were immaterial. The core idea is well stated by Kirschenbaum (blogged earlier): "Digital systems are material systems designed to support an illusion of immateriality."...while the digital in general relies on holding specificity at bay, there seems to be a wave of creative interest in the specific material conditions of how the digital is manifest...recently we've seen a wave of arrays that can be read as anti- or post-screens: special-purpose displays that acknowledge their physical substrates. Think of Troika's Cloud (or indeed Rokeby's Cloud), Daniel Rozin's mirrors (above, his Wooden Mirror), or Art+Com's kinetic array for the BMW Museum (video)"

  • Aleksander Komarov: Weichensteller / Kunsthalle Winterthur / Interview- Interview with artist Aleksander Komarov from VernissageTV. Komarov explains the concept behind his two video installations On Translation: Transparency / Architecture and Estate, currently on view at Kunsthalle Winterthur.