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  • daniel everett- from i heart photograph: "daniel everett's 'building a more meaningful existence'. as he explains: "for this project i used a graphics editor built into an early arcade game to convert spam emails i had received into a virtual landscape. by reconfiguring the graphics editor interface to accept keystrokes as input, i was able to build these landscapes solely by transcribing the spam messages and compiling them. for this piece i specifically chose spam messages that promised me a more meaningful life, increased happiness, and a greater sense of self-worth."

  • A Speech Recognition Sing-A-Long this Friday- I love Machine Project in Los Angeles, they do such wonderful work. In this tutorial and performance Friday on speech technology, Joe Tepperman will "talk about some of the ways we can apply speech recognition, speech synthesis, and linguistic theories to music, followed by a performance by his alter ego, Mooey Moobau."

  • Ian Burns- Studio visit with artist Ian Burns from NewArtTV. Burns' low-fi motorized sculptures attempt to demythologize the contemporary creation and consumption of images.

  • Olga Chernysheva- New solo exhibition of photography and video by Moscow-based Olga Chernysheva at Foxy Production opens next Tuesday. "In New Work, Chernysheva fuses this visual language to her native city, dramatizing the experience of loss, isolation, and renewal. Moving between empathy and voyeurism, and belief and disillusionment, she appropriates Realism to question what can be known and what can be held as truth."