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  • Media Facades Festival Berlin 2008: Myths and Potentials of Media Architecture and Urban Screens- "The MEDIA FACADES FESTIVAL BERLIN 2008 is an innovative project, engaging a wide range of stakeholders with distinctive interests in the public space. Through round tables, a workshop, panel sessions, lectures, urban screenings on media facades and an architecture exhibition the event will promote a multi-disciplinary action research approach to technology, architecture and media art in modern cities." Media Facades Festival Berlin kicks off October 16th.

  • The Game by Geoff Manaugh on BLDGBLOG- "This summer I was commissioned by the recently opened Liverpool Biennial International 08 - the theme of which is MADE UP - to write an essay about the idea of "made-up" cities. That essay, called "The Game," was just published in the Biennial's gigantic, 300-page catalog alongside stories and essays by Haruki Murakami, Bruno Latour, Jonathan Allen, Rana Dasgupta, Brian Hatton, and many others. "The Game" explores the idea that we might not actually know what it means to be urban, using a remark by Ole Bouman as a jumping-off point. In an essay of his own called "Desperate Decadence," published in Volume magazine #6, Bouman writes: "We have come to take for granted that those locations with large congregations of architecture must be cities.""

  • Marc Lepson, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, M.Y. Art Prospects, New York City- "For this exhibition, Marc Lepson creates another simultaneously comforting and disquieting space, filling the gallery walls with digital images enlarged from low-resolution files taken by a cell phone camera. With this super handy tool, the artist's viewpoints travel from New York Times front pages to public spaces traversing spheres both domestic and global from former Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales to a sea turtle in a Brooklyn aquarium, from mounted policemen in Gaza to the artist's son in the bathtub."