IX (2008) - H3X3N

IX @ DEADTECH 2008 from IX h3x3n on Vimeo.
IX knows 9 spells:

1. 0N: turns computer on
2. 4W4Y: restarts computer
3. data_disappear: makes data disappear
4. 3T3RN4L_R3TURN: makes data reappear
5. 54W: cuts the operating system in half
6. R881X0R: runs the rabbit virus
7. M461C14NZ_H4T: catches the rabbit virus in the magician's hat
8. T3H_0RD3R_0F_0RD3R: creates order + nonsense
9. CH405_M4J1K: creates chaos + sense

Statement: H3X3N is a group of Computer Witches who have built an enchanted cube that casts magical spells on computers. The IX cube casts spells on Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers, hacking and hexing these operating systems. IX combines traditional stage magic tricks and irony as elements of Hacker culture to create an Interactive Installation and Software Art project.

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