Gavin Brown's Enterprise: Dara Friedman, Musical -- Thursday, May 22, 6 - 8PM
Gavin Brown's Enterprise
620 Greenwich Street
Greenwich Village
Dara Friedman

Gavin Brown's enterprise is pleased to present Musical, a new film by Dara Friedman

Musical is an hour-long orchestration of sixty singing performances commissioned by the Public Art Fund that took place on the streets of Midtown Manhattan last fall. For three weeks Friedman invited ordinary New Yorkers to burst into song on street corners, in coffee shops, museums, and train stations. Friedman's film collates those discrete happenings, creating a sprawling American musical that is by turns uproariously funny and devastatingly sad. Musical was premiered in April by the Public Art Fund and presented later that month under the dome in Grand Central Station, one of the film's locations. In conjunction with the show at Gavin Brown's enterprise Musical will be screened at locations in the city throughout the summer.