Homo Ludens Ludens - Gold Farmers
LABoral (inside) mural by Mark Titchner. Image courtesy of LABoral

Daphne Dragona is an independent new media arts curator and organiser, based in Athens with a special interest in the game arts field. She was the Programme Curator of Gaming Realities (Medi@terra, International Art and Technology Festival) which took place in Athens in 2006, and the Associate Curator of Gameworld which was hosted in Laboral in 2007. She has been involved as an organiser or as a participant in different new media events and since 2004 she is also collaborating with the International New Media Collective Personal Cinema.

Together with Erich Berger and Laura Baigorri, Daphne curated Homo Ludens Ludens (an exhibition about play in contemporary culture and society which runs until September 22 at LABoral, Spain) and I had a couple of questions for her about her latest adventures in games and art.