Ignivomous posted a new guest artist project to their site for Spring 2008. "THEEND/THEBEGINNING" by Chris Coy is a credit roll, complete with an elevator music-style soundtrack, comprised of image captures of actor Kevin Bacon's credit line from every film in which he appeared. Bacon famously claimed that he has worked with everybody in Hollywood or someone related to them, and this assertion became the grounds for a trivia game entitled "the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon," in which participants attempt to connect any actor to appear on screen in history to Kevin Bacon with as few links as possible. The game popularized the myth that Kevin Bacon is a nexus for all Hollywood. By assembling Bacon's credit lines into one place, Coy's piece can be interpreted as a credit roll for all films ever made, giving the title "THEEND/THEBEGINNING" greater significance.

For those of you considering bookmarking the project, Coy provided a list of tags in lieu of an artist's statement. See below:

nastynets, endcredits, socialnetworking, screencaps, archive, collecting, collage, kevinbacon, 6degrees, surfing, myspace, cinema_on_the_web, scrollbarFormalism, deathofnetart?, birthofnetart, vuk_y2k_cosic, IamSo_xcited4spirit_surfers:), theColorGreyAsAnIdea, transitionaryPeriods, LoVid, hyperlinkz, starring, ignivomous, seecoy, c.coy, THEEND, THEBEGINNING, loop=true

- Ceci Moss