March 13: FEEDBACK exhibition opens at Eyebeam

March 13 - April 19, 2008
Opening: Thursday, March 13, 6-8PM.
Closing Reception: April 19, 3PM.
Free 540 W. 21st St.

What does it mean to think "green"?

Eyebeam's expansive new exhibition, FEEDBACK, surveys artists, designers, architects and engineers on the topic of sustainability, and presents their responses- 19 projects varying from public art projects and industrial design to DIY energy solutions and software tools-to inspire discussion and action on this pervasive (and increasingly commodified) subject.

As the culmination of Eyebeam's Beyond Light Bulbs programming series, the show highlights the concerns, interests and work of Eyebeam's Sustainability Research Group, with work by individuals, collectives, students, local community groups and the Eco-Vis Challenge winners. Free, artist-run workshops are integral to the exhibition's design and are scheduled Saturdays throughout the show's duration.
The exhibition's title, FEEDBACK, refers to the self-correcting mechanisms by which systems-in this case, ecological- respond to the influence they exert on their environments...