Shilpa Gupta: BlindStars StarsBlind / BodhiBerlin / Interview with Shilpa Gupta and Shaheen Merali

Currently, the galleries BodhiBerlin and Volker Diehl present the first monograph exhibition entitled "BlindStars StarsBlind" in Germany of the Mumbai-based artist Shilpa Gupta. Shilpa Gupta (born 1976) works in a variety of media, from photography to interactive installations. Shilpa Gupta's work has been widely shown in the context of major group exhibitions including the Biennales of Sydney, Shanghai, Havana, Liverpool and Lyon. In this video we attend the opening of Shilpa Gupta's exhibition at Bodhi Berlin. We meet with the curator of BlindStars StarsBlind and artistic director of BodhiBerlin, Shaheen Merali, who provides us with an introduction to the work of Shilpa Gupta and the exhibits at BodhiBerlin. We also speak with Shilpa Gupta about the exhibition and her work in general. In another video that will be online soon, we attend the opening of Shilpa Gupta's exhibition at Volker Diehl.