Radio, Art, Life: New Contexts


TATE (UK): Helen Thorington contributes a feature article on the evolving context for sound and radio practice, exploring networked media, participatory platforms and the sonification of every-day objects. An introduction to a series of Radio Art including recent work by Christof Migone and Sarah Washington.

"What is Radio Art? Radio art had a special meaning to those who created it in the US during the Eighties and Nineties. From the most complex hi-tech studio productions to the raw energy of live and interactive broadcasts, these artists were predominantly engaged with subverting media conventions by presenting something other than familiar radio forms.

Thus while the work might use journalistic devices or dramatic conventions, it was neither journalism, nor drama; it wasn't music either though it might be composed entirely of non-textual sound. American radio art was a vast array of different forms that recognised radio's distinct means and parameters, and at the same time, its creative possibilities, how it might challenge existing social and cultural norms and create/fashion new ones" Continue Reading Radio, Art, Life: New Contexts by Helen Thorington, Tate Intermedia Art, May 2008.