ETC Media Artists Residency
The Experimental Television Center announces the next deadline for the Artists in Residency Program, July 15, 2008, for residencies between September 2008 through January 2009.

The Residency supports contemporary electronic media art projects. The studio workshop environment offers access to an image processing system, intensive individualized instruction and time for exploration and personal creative growth. Artists have an opportunity to study the processes and techniques of analog and digital imaging and to then use the system independently in the creation of new works. Participating artists have complete aesthetic and technical control over all aspects of the making process.

The image processing system is a hybrid tool set which facilitates interactive relationships between older historically important analog instruments such as colorizers and keyers, and new digital technologies using a G5, several G4s, a customized Doepfer A-100 system with sonic and control modules, software including Max/MSP, Jitter and Pluggo, as well as DVD authoring and editing software, DVD Studio Pro and Flash. Recording is mini-DV/DV and DVD. Svhs and 3/4" decks are also available. This rich electronic environment encourages artists to explore boundaries and intersections within narrative, documentary and social issue traditions as well as more experimental forms.

A complete list is available by email and on the web in the News section.

The postmark deadline is July 15th. You are encouraged to email the written materials.

To apply please send the following:
1. A brief project description
2. A current bio or resume
3. A prioritized set of dates between September 3, 2008 and January 31, 2009.
4. A sample of completed work with SASE if you wish it returned.

For more information please contact us.