Run Silent; Run Deep

At ISEA 2008, a new work by Nigel Helyer and Daniel Woo, of AudioNomad (also see, with whom I worked on Syren works, based on locative spatial audio technology.

The following is a re-blogged excerpt from We Make Money Not Art:



Images Priscilla Bracks

Run Silent; Run Deep by Nigel Helyer (UK/Australia) & Daniel Woo (Australia) collaborating with the Marine Mammal Research Laboratory, provides an ‘audio portrait’ of Singapore - in particular the area around the harbour. The interface of this work enables you to move through a stylized ‘map’ of the city, listening to sound recordings made using hydrophones in areas corresponding to coloured circles on the map. Surround sound in the installation space, gives the sense of a 3 dimensional map, and hand drawn images laid over the map gives it cartographic feel.