Dirty New Media - Jake Elliott (2008)

Dirty New Media: Art Activism and Computer Counter Cultures - Jake Elliott (July 2008)

"A talk by Jake Elliott from "The Last Hope" - Hackers on Planet Earth 2008. This talk presents a short history of electronic art by illustrating connections between artists, activists, and hackers. The connections and histories presented include: the demoscene and its origins in software piracy; video and conceptual artists in the 1970s and their activist work; contemporary artists working with circuit bending and other detournements of modern technologies; the Chicago "dirty new media" community; contemporary artists, hackers, and activists creating software and electronic art with a punk/anticapitalist ethos. Excerpts of work from these different artists and communities are screened and discussed. http://dai5ychain.net/jake/ http://criticalartware.net/ http://4rtcr4x0rz.com/"