Call for Participation: Mediatopia Project ISEA Singapore 2008
{mashup, remix, transmit}

Call for Participation:

Submit any media files, playlists, links,node coordinates, live webcasts or URLs.
Please read criteria for Border Transmissions at ISEA 2008 Singapore for related context.
Your media can be uploaded or linked into the Mediatopia database and be included in the participatory sequence produced onsite at the National Gallery of Singapore and viewable / re mixable / mash-up-able on the net via live webcast.

For more information on this project, to submit images and to view the live broadcast visit the project site at:

Project Details:
The Mediatopia Project and related events will reflect upon the ISEA 2008 Border Transmissions Theme and will exploit the potential of networks, communication tools, alternate economies and experiential technologies as a collaborative engine to enable the emergence of a different conception of borders, and of the transmissions that problematize these demarcations.
It also seeks to expand the models of production and distribution that have arisen as social networks, hardware, generative software components, small-scale download practices and peer-to-peer protocols have changed the nature of not only how material is made but distributed. Mediatopia will act as an incubator and working model for experimentation, inquiry, and cross-cultural collaboration within the framework of these overarching themes...