Conversations That Never Happened at Telic Arts Exchange

Tamala Poljak and Anna Oxygen have organized an exhibition at Telic Arts Exchange that incorporates photography, performance, installation, food, and video within various forms of collective consumption -- two nights of dinner theater, a temporary cafe, simultaneous TV dinners.

The point of departure for "Conversations That Never Happened" is a series of 200 photographic portraits that Poljak made in her kitchen while dining individually with her friends and neighbors. As a group, the photographs might remind us of "friend lists" on MySpace and Facebook, where sociality is expressed in serial form (as a grid of pictures or a list of comments and testimonials). Do these grids and lists refer to communities? And if so, how do communities relate to their own representations? Over the next few weeks, many of the people depicted in the portraits will be animated through the exhibition: they will eat dinner at TELIC; they will perform as dancers, writers, actors, magicians, comedians...they will prepare and serve food.

At the opening reception on Saturday, the artists will be serving custom-made pancakes (with shapes made to order!) and fancy drinks; David Scott Stone will do a 3 hour ambient set.

Over the next three weeks:
July 9 - TV Dinner Night
July 12 - Dinner Theater Night #1
July 13 - Dinner Theater Night #2
July 19 - Mystery Picnic Cafe & Closing Performances

Participating artists and performers include: The All Girl Comb Choir, Mecca Vazie Andrews, Jackson Baugh, Lindsay Beamish, Big Swell (Sam Cooper), Christina Billotte, Katie Byron, Cathy de la Cruz, David P Earle, Steve Gregoropoulos, John Hogan, Horse Thieves (Alex Maslansky & Brie Turner O'Banion), Laura Lazarus, Eric Lindley, Claire Mckeown, Sarah Paul Ocampo, Anna Oxygen, Paloma Parfrey, Tamala Poljak, Katie Shook, Becky Stark, David Scott Stone, Tara Tavi, Christopher Wonder.

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