X-COM by MACHFELD (aka Michael Mastrototaro & Sabine Maier)

13.01.2008, 11:05pm - 11:45 pm (CET)

by MACHFELD (aka Michael Mastrototaro & Sabine Maier)
as part of the media.art.exhibition JOYES,
medien.kunstlabor Graz (Kunsthaus Graz, 06.12.07-13.01.08)


If you are not in austria, get the audio-live-broadcast online:

X-com is an acoustic map of Johannesburg that was developed by MACHFELD (aka Michael Mastrototaro & Sabine Maier) during their stay in South Africa in 2007. Together with students of the Cityvarsity Johannesburg and of University of Wittwatersrand Johannesburg, the artists explored the multicultural identification of the city of Johannesburg. An approach was to investigate in how far sounds are subject to cultural conditions.

MACHFELD apply old, analogue recording devices as well as new, digital ones in order to develop a cross-continental space of communication for their piece.


http://web.wits.ac.za/ (University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg)

http://www.cityvarsity.co.za/ (Cityvarsity, Johannesburg)

http://kunstradio.at ( Kunstradio-Radiokunst)