Open Source Video snstncntnr.1 at 21 Grand's 8th Annual T-10 Video Festival, Oakland, CA

Adam Trowbridge, a video artist and graduate student in Electronic Visualization at the University of Ilinois at Chicago released the source code of his video "snstncntnr.1" (standing for "sensation containers") as an open source video work last November. The video from which the source code came is premiering at 21 Grand's 8th Annual T-10 Video Festival in Oakland, CA this Saturday, January 12th. His innovative approach to video incorporates the concept of open source computer code and conceptual and text art of earlier decades. The EDL format is related to the technology that allows so-called "family friendly" DVD players to edit out scenes in Hollywood movies. Trowbridge has taken the technology as an opportunity to create open works. He has launched a website,, to highlight works made using all or part of this source code. "I am interested in creative communication where people can collaborate without attempting to transmit an idea," said Trowbridge, "I am hoping this will spark a different form of interaction."