Atom / Electric Mo0ns


Atom (image above, video below) and Electric Mo0ns, two aspects of the same developed interactive system, are a stunning performance and installation created by Christopher Bauder, Till Beckmann, Holger Pecht and Robert Henke. In Atom:

Performance for a matrix of 64 gas balloons, lights, and sound.

A room is filled with deep, evolving noises from a four-channel sound system. An eight-by-eight array of white, self-illuminated spheres floats in space like the atoms of a complex molecule.

Through variable positioning and illumination of each atom, a dynamic display sculpture comes into being, composed of physical objects, patterns of light, and synchronous rhythmic and textural sonic events. Change, sound, and movement converge into a larger form.

The height of the helium balloons is adjusted with a computer-controlled cable, whilst the internal illumination is accomplished using dimmable super-bright LEDs, creating a pixel in a warped 8×8 spatial matrix.


Click the above link for video footage of a performance of "Atom" on Network Research's blog. Visit the team's website for further images and documentation: