What the?

After attending Cory Arcangel's performance Continual Partial Awareness, in which Arcangel provided a long (and hilarious) list of his unrealized ideas, the father of one Rhizome employee commented that he needed to buy the "Best-of-YouTube tape" to catch up on all the punchlines. Have a loved one curious about all the weird and funny stuff lurking online but who may be a little intimidated? Become a member at the Seedling level today and bring them up to date with the gift of a Nasty Nets' DVDROM. A compilation of internet folklore put together by the twenty-five members of surf club nastynets.com, this DVDROM includes videos, remixes, animated gifs, and tons and tons of found and appropriated material.

Support Rhizome and get your copy today!

Image above from Petra Cortright's folder of surfing insanity available on the Nasty Nets DVDROM!!!