I Heart Clipart (2008) - Alan Woo

Flipbook depicting digital ephemera from animated gifs

Cassette loops with midi versions of the originals


Artist's statement: I Heart Clipart is about the things that came about with the advent of computers and technology in relationship to visual aesthetics. In a culture that is constantly oscillating, an emerging world of digital images resulted in the response of the handmade (particularly with lettering). This project was an exploration into the balance of this particular dichotomy and how various reversals could take place between the various ideologies of digital and analog aesthetics. It is also, in a significant part, a product of nostalgia.

The result was a collection of various explorations: Posters of hand-drawn cliparts or paper-based geometric shapes made to resemble 3d renderings, flipbooks of animated gifs, Susan Kare's hourglass or progress bars, a cassette player in a paper/cardboard case and cassette loops featuring midi versions dubbed overtop the originals and more...

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