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  • This is a Magazine 23 - "Video-object 23 of This is a magazine is now channeling to you." Featuring new work by a.a.s, Aids-3d, Grant Willing, Petra Cortright, and Yoshi Sodeoka.

  • Club Internet reopening August 29th - Club Internet is currently installing its newest show, but in the meantime be sure to check out Justin Kemp's piece Ribbon which is occupying the domain until the new show opens.

  • Incredible Sonovox - Kay Kyser (1940) - A short featuring an early talk box known as the Sonovox invented by Gilbert Wright. More info on the Sonovox can be found on Wendy Carlos Vocoder Q&A.

  • Roulette TV - UbuWeb announces a new partnership with Roulette. RouletteTV is " on-going, innovative video series which presents unique contemporary music in compelling and engaging performances given by the creators themselves. Each performance is followed by an insightful interview with the artist."

  • Sentences on Conceptual Art - This text by Sol Lewitt remains a must-read decades after it was first published in 1969.