Yacht's "Summer Song" Music Video
New music video for "Summer Song" by Yacht (Claire Evans and Jona Bechtolt). Evans and Bechtolt, along with Aaron "Flint" Jamison, won a Rhizome commission for their Marfa Webring project.

Martijn Hendriks: Interview by committee.
"For the purpose of this feature we decided to interview Martijn by committee; to give him not only the chance to write about aspects of his work that interested him most but also the choice not to write about other aspects, which although no where near as interesting as what he has to say, is interesting in itself."

Language Barrier by Alina and Jeff Blumis
From the LMCC's blog:
"Language Barrier is an ongoing project by Alina and Jeff Bliumis, artists originally from the former Soviet Union. For the site-specific Language Barrier, Lower Manhattan, the artists selected five different locations, each chosen for its contemporary and historical significance and will intervene along various corridors with piles of foam dictionaries. Practical and theoretical considerations meet formally during this ephemeral urban intervention, making visible our daily negotiation of barriers both physical and social."

Following the detainment of James Powderly, Jake Dobkin created a "Free Powderly" banner.

"Call -- Response" by Hiroyo Tanaka and Macoto Cuhara.

Waterdrop by Héctor Serrano Studio on Pixelsumo:
"The central piece is a representation of the beautiful experience of a drop falling into water, creating an enigmatic movement and ripples. The installation uses innovative and sophisticated technology in an unexpected and inventive way to capture this captivating natural phenomenon."