Hi All, The Ars Electronica FutureLab search for new hires is almost certainly the biggest hiring spree in the history of media arts. They've asked me to help with shaping the announcement and spreading the word. -M


Ars Electronica Futurelab is hiring artists and researchers

- artists /software engineers (openGL, C++)
- artists / hardware engineers (sensors and programming)
- artists / modelers (3D, real time graphics)
- technical planners (software and/or hardware and CAD)
- project managers (software, exhibition)
- designers / architects (exhibits and media in architecture)

Ars Electronica Futurelab, the R&D division of Ars Electronica founded in 1996, is an atelier/lab for media art, design, research, and production. Members of the Ars Electronica Futurelab represent a broad variety of different disciplines and nationalities, working in such areas as computer vision, sound analysis, mobile computing, generative graphics, computer controls, and computer networks.

Ars Electronica is embedded in the activities for Linz, Austria. As the European Capital of Culture in 2009, a continuously growing, vital cultural environment is guaranteed both in the city and as the working environment at the lab.

Ars Electronica Futurelab is hiring 12 to 20 new members to be part of the creation team of the new exhibits at the Ars Electronica Center as well as other projects. We are seeking both junior and senior level team members. Partially academic, partially production oriented, experts share their knowledge in workshops we call "LabAcademies," thus we are seeking both experienced teachers and avid students.

Interested persons should prepare to stay for a period of at least 12 months in Linz Austria. There is a possibility for some positions to stay even longer or become permanent. The languages spoken in the Lab are English or German.

Ars Electronica will assist foreigners to obtain work permits for Austria. Contracts may be either for employment ("freier Dienstvertrag", includes insurance packages) or as contractors ("Werkvertrag"). Annual wages vary according to experience but will generally be 23,000-30,000 Euros ($36,000-$50,000). Linz is a medium size, picturesque city located on the Danube, with typical housing costs for a one-bedroom apartment of 400 Euros ($550) per month.

Please email your CV or resume and a short letter (including references) to: Horst Hortner; futurelab(AT)
For more information, please check out: