The TurntablistPC spins again! [online + West Zealand]


Surfing gains a whole new dimension with TurntablistPC by Danish artist Mogens Jacobsen. Featured in the WEBSCAPE exhibition at The Art Museum of West Sealand in Denmark, TurntablistPC reacts to online traffic by playing a record in the exhibition space every time a participating website is visited. Take part in this “global DJ” project and make a record spin miles away every time someone visits your website!

TurntablistPC is on show from September 21 - November 25, 2007. We need your participation! All you have to do is place a small piece of html code on your website. The code does not interfere in any way with the experience of your website. However, it WILL make the record spin physically miles away at the museum. Please find the code and further details below. [More....]