Rhizome Expands Editorial Scope, Hires Staff Writers
Marisa Olson:

Big news! Rhizome has hired two staff writers--William Hanley and Caitlin Jones--who will make daily original contributions that will expand the scope of our front page news stream. The writers will serve as a community amplifier, covering art, events, and ideas happening on Rhizome and also across the expanding field of contemporary art that engages technology.

Hanley and Jones are respected critics who bring to Rhizome a wealth of experience. Both have written for numerous international publications on new media and contemporary art. Hanley was formerly an editor at ArtInfo.com and Jones held a combined curatorial and conservation position at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum before becoming Director of Programming at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery.

Together with Rhizome Editor & Curator, Marisa Olson, the staff writers will be responsible for bringing Rhizome readers large doses of daily criticism and coverage of local and international events. In addition to their original articles, the writers will become Rhizome's resident rebloggers and will share responsibility for writing Rhizome News--the organization's thrice-weekly email and web-based publication--with the pool of talented freelancers that has always ensured a diversity of voices and subject matter on Rhizome's front page.

Rhizome's front page news stream will now include a mixture of original writing--short posts and longer editorial features--alongside reblogged content: blog posts from all over the web and highlights from Rhizome Raw, the organization's listserv of eleven years, which supports a community of new media practitioners and enthusiasts.

Rhizome's editorial content is part of Rhizome's broader slate of programs, including exhibitions, commissions, education, symposia, performances, and other events, all of which strive to bring greater visibility, context, and discussion to the new media art field.

Please join us in welcoming Hanley and Jones, and please... Post some comments to our new blog!