Two works by HC Gilje

The following are two installation works by HC Gilje concerning networks of some shape or form. Both are interactive works however while the second employs the classic interactive paradigm (user -> interact -> system -> feedback), the first is an interactive system of computers, nodes, which interact with each other to form a collaborative composition.


Drift (images above, video below), sometimes called Drifter, is a twelve monitor audio-visual installation. Each monitor is a node in a wireless network chain:

12 nodes, each with a computer, flatscreen and speakers, are placed in a circle. The nodes are connected over a wireless network, but each node only relate to its neighbour: It knows when a image is coming and knows where to pass it on to. Images travel clockwise across the network. The images leave traces. The image and traces are processed in realtime individually on each node and a sound is generated from the video, based on a given frequency. There are 4 base frequencies for the sound distributed among the different nodes, creating chords.

Below is a video explaning how the work functions. [More....]