Potato Perspective, by Asa Sonjasdotter

[...]In the long-term project Potato Perspective Asa Sonjasdotter investigates notions on biological diversity, migration and normalisation by looking into the role of potato as colonial loot, global trade goods and as a carrier of regulated, sometimes patented or criminalized breeding knowledge. When the potato came to Scandinavia hundreds of years ago it was farmers who developed varieties adapted to the Nordic climate. Today breeding is a highly specialized and regulated activity that very few farmers have knowledge of.

For the exhibition at Konsthall C, Sonjasdotter has bred new potato varieties with help from Breeder Kerstin Olsson at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp. With the project Sonjasdotter wants to discuss the juridical destination of this new genetic material. Who has the right to use it and how? Plants which have been growing at Konsthall C during the summer will be harvested on Saturday 7th, together with old variety potatoes that have been growing in the allotment "Loken" in Hokarangen. The latter will be baked and served at the opening on Saturday 4-8 pm. [More....]