Galerie West VVORK Exhibition

Bad Beuys Entertainment, Boling, Bruno, Chrisa & Tkacova, collectif_fact, Matsoukis, Mirza, Previeux, Rungjang, Zucconi, curated by (06.10.2007 - 03.11.2007, Galerie West) is an artlog. VVORK is Aleksandra Domanovic, Oliver Laric, Christoph Priglinger, Georg Schnitzer; a collective of artists, curators en designers. Together with a quote and a link to the artists website, they update their artlog daily from different locations with pictures of art works from all over the world. They are using very personal (often unknown) choices and only very few words. The (picture of the) art-work itself gets all the space and the enormous quantity (of mostly unknown work) published sets VVORK apart from similar initiatives.[...]

West invited VVORK for their one year anniversary to curate their first offline, physical exhibition. In West they will present a group-show with works of Bad Beuys Entertainment, John Michael Boling, Christophe Bruno, Anetta Mona Chrisa & Lucia Tkacova, collectif_fact, Katerina Matsoukis, Haroon Mirza, Julien Prévieux, Arin Rungjang en Damon Zucconi.