Interview with Natalie Bewernitz and Marek Goldowski

Miguel Amado:

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Interview with Natalie Bewernitz and Marek Goldowski
by Miguel Amado

Cologne-based German artists Natalie Bewernitz & Marek Goldowski were recently featured in 'Volume,' a group show at Brooklyn's 3rd Ward that explored sound, 3D animation, and video as privileged media in contemporary art. Their participation in this exhibition followed a 6-month residency at New York's Location One, where they developed a new multi-stage project, 'Unveiled Presence (Secret Sounds),' the second part of which was on view in 'Volume.' As illustrated by this piece, Bewernitz & Goldowski employ technology in different yet significant ways to create emotionally powerful interactive installations often involving computer-based self-generating sound. Here, Rhizome Curatorial Fellow Miguel Amado interviews them about their practice.

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