Can iPods make music?

The video above shows an iPod running PdPod, a version of Pure Data ported to iPodLinux. The potential for running PD patches could make iPods a powerful mobile music tool.

iPodLinux itself also opens the door for audio manipulation. The handheld jogwheeling device lends itself well to “scratching” music as if on a turntable. A program called iScratch, by Shosei Oishi picked up some buzz last year but seems to have disappeared since. With versions of iPodLinux and iPL software catching up to newer iPod generations, perhaps we can hope it’s in a holding spot being worked on for a future build!

(authors note: Currently running iPL on my 5.5 generations 30gb iPod video. Sadly pdPod is nowhere near supported for this recent model but it might be worth a try. Wish me luck!)